As a former Division 1 wrestler, my expectations were high when joining SXM BJJ. I can honestly say it exceeded any and all expectations I had. Truly an amazing place to train and couldn't have asked for a better instructor, mentor, and friend. Melissa is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with and is one of the most technical BJJ practitioner and teacher you will ever roll with if given the opportunity.

—Brandon Elliot, MD

Great martial arts school in a fun safe environment with world class instruction. Melissa is as technical as they come. Finding someone who really cares about your kids is not to be taken lightly. Bravo.

— Amal Easton, Colorado BJJ


SXM BJJ is definetly the place to train when visiting SXM. They welcomed me with arms wide open and I felt more than welcomed! The people are amazing! Everyone is super friendly and very technical. Professor Melissa, together with her staff is doing an inspiring job leading the way! Always bringing in new legit techniques and providing her students with different training partners from all over the world as well! The atmosphere is just too good too miss :) I highly recommend!

- Ramon Silva, Igor Gracie Academy