Air Yogalates

Air Yoga
These classes begin with the Sun Salutation sequence with variations using the hammock. The hammock is then used to assist in modifying yoga asanas providing support in holding poses and adding challenges for inversions.

 Air Pilates
Classes are hammock assisted core strength and conditioning classes. These classes start with conditioning on the mat and progress to choreographed routines on silks and hammocks with new sequences every class.

Air Yin

Restorative classes with a more meditative approach through passive stretching. The hammock and props are used to hold poses longer with the intention of eliminating unnecessary tension. Classes are 90 minutes and are not included in the class card packages.



$30 per Class

5 Class Pack Special
$100 for 5 classes

Booking and Cancellation Policy:

AirYogalates is a semi-private class of 5 students maximum. Pre-registration is required. Upon confirmation of a space in class, we require 24 hour cancellation notice or you will be charged in full for the class, or have the class be deducted from your class card.

- Decompresses and improves articulation mobility
- Provides in-depth postural alignment
- Facilitates the execution of classical yoga postures
- Allows the execution of advanced yoga postures over longer periods in adequate alignment
- Calms the nervous system
- Inversion therapy (excellent for rehabilitation)
- Relieves chronic back pain and sciatica
- Helps memory and other brain functions
- Releases muscle tension in the hips and spine
- Nourishes the skin
- Acts as a lymphatic drainage
- Fights stress and anxiety
- Improves coordination, body awareness and spatial orientation,brings freedom in movement
- Tones and revitalizes the body
- Gives energy and balances energy
- Restores and re-enforces the joints and proprioceptors
- Balances emotions
- Develops creativity
- Excellent for the respiratory and circulatory systems
- Powerful anti-aging
- Significantly increases flexibility
- Stimulates the digestive system
- Adds a new dimension to your training
- Suits all ages, body limitations or capacities
- Improves self-confidence and personal perseverance
- So fun !!!!!
- Makes you smile !!!
In order to enjoy fully the experience of AIR Yogalates, it is important to be aware of the contraindications before starting any physical activities and training.
Inversions may be harmful for those suffering from:
- High blood pressure
- Low bone density
- Glaucoma (degenerative disease of the optic nerve)
- Extreme obesity (over 35 BMI)  
- Heart problems
- Recent surgery
- Recent head or hand injury
- Pregnant women (unless she is in a licenced AIR Yogalates pre-natal class)
Be sure to consult a health professional before starting any training program.
It is normal to feel dizzy or experience motion sickness in the first few sessions. Note that this is only temporary, the body is getting used to a new form of training.