We are a community, and we each become better by helping one another. Take care of your training partners and be conscious of differences in size and strength. Carefully consider how your words and actions may affect others.

No shoes on the mat, bare feet only. Footwear must be worn to the dojo, in the waiting room and bathroom at all times.

Arrive on time for class. If you arrive late, wait outside the mat area and ask Professor’s permission before entering the mat.

Bow as you step on and off the training area. This shows respect for your training, your instructors and your dojo. Maintain a respectful posture and greet all Professors and instructors when entering.

Listen respectfully and without talking while your instructors explain techniques. Turn phones on silent. Resist the urge to give unsolicited advice to fellow students.

Always wear a shirt or rashguard. No bare chests.

No whining, no complaining, no foul language.

Do not touch any equipment, unless authorized by an Instructor.

Remove all jewelry and keep finger nails and toes nails cut short and clean at all times. Maintain good hygiene at all times. Kimonos and clothing must be washed after every use.

Never leave the class for a break, water, or any early dismissal, except with permission.

Respect the dojo, help keep the dojo clean at all times. No food or drink other than water in the training area. No junk food in dojo or waiting room. No chewing gum.

Do not abuse your knowledge of Martial Arts.

Address Black belts as Professor or Sensei. Refer to Instructors as Coach. Children must refer to all adults as Mr. or Ms.___.

NO: pulling hair, pushing, grabbing/striking the neck with the hands, finger and toe locks, pulling individual fingers, slamming. No training with a cold, flu or contagious infection of any kind.